Working With Papa in Kano

Papa returned to me a few days later. He brought a book titled “Operation World” whose author is Dr. Patrick Johnstone.

Operation World is a book that analysis the statistical situation of Christian evangelism works in the whole world. The book, among all other things, talks about languages of the world and the extent the Bible has been translated into the languages.

The book mentioned Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL) as a trade language in Southern Nigeria, while Hausa is the trade language of the North.

Because of what we read in Operation World concerning the need for World evangelism, Papa and I were very determined to stick with the Lord and work together to bring about the actualization of the NPL Bible translation project.

We used audio cassettes to record Old Testament of the NPL Bible translation. We started with Genesis. Brother Elohim (Late) of Locust Army International Church, Kano, Nigeria lent us his audio cassette recording equipment and loud speakers. We finished recording Genesis and went on to record Exodus.

Sermons Interpreted in Nigerian Pidgin Language at Locust Army International, Kano.

This is why we started recording the translation on cassettes. Papa had earlier told me that having an audio format of Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible (NPLB) would quickly get the message to the people. He explained that the written format of NPLB would be very useful to NPL Bible teachers who would use it to teach people (especially non-literates) how to read the pidgin Bible.

Papa was a member of Locust Army International where Rev. Chris Christian is the shepherd. Our work in NPLB brought about Papa interpreting Rev. Chris Christian’s sermons preached in English to NPL. Rev. Christian would preach in English and Papa would interpret it into NPL.

One day Papa came home to tell me something that happened on a Monday following a Sunday service at Locust Army.

He said it was usual in Locust Army that after the preacher had delivered the sermon on Sunday, some workers in the church would go, on Monday, to the homes, offices, shops, etc. of members to explain to them what was preached the previous day in the church. This was necessary because sermons were delivered in English which some people couldn’t understand very well.

On this particular occasion which was the first time Papa handled interpretation in NPL when the sermon was delivered, he was among those who went out the next day to explain the sermon to the members of the church.

Papa said that when he went to the homes, offices, shops, etc of the members to speak to them, most of them told him that they perfectly understood the sermon because it was interpreted into NPL as the preacher preached.

We were happy that NPL was proving itself to be the language that could be used to speak God’s Word straight into the hearts of its hearers who are Pidgin speakers and thus make an immediate positive impact on them.

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