Best Christian Books

The best Christian books for Christians are books that can uplift them spiritually. Countless Christians are not making progress in their Christian life today because they read the wrong kind of books. The result is that after years of conversion, they are still in a state of spiritual babyhood.

They either choose a group of authors, whose background, training and experience limit their perspectives or they simply prefer books on certain favorite subjects.

So what kind of books should a Christian read in other to attend spiritual growth or maturity?

Devotional Books

Christians should select from the great number of devotional books available in the market. The average Christians knows very little about prayer and fellowshipping with God. Prayer is the great need of both the church and the state.

The manifestation of divine power in conversion and revival, slow spiritual growth and failure in our endeavors are attribute to our lack of fellowshipping with God. Therefore read the best books on the subject you can possibly find.

Read about the best methods of Bible Study, for the average believer is deficient here also.

Doctrinal Writings

The Psalmist asks’ if foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do’. The doctrinal confusion in Christendom today, testifies eloquently to the fact that a systematic understanding of Christian doctrine is lacking today.

This explains the reason for the widespread doctrinal indifference among professing Christians. For how can Christians defend the faith when they do not understand the faith themselves.

I should state at this stage that the most reliable books of doctrine are the ones written by Bible scholars

Religious Biography

It seems to me that many professionals today are not attaining the standard of their predecessors because they do not closely study their lives as a model. , This applies to politicians, writers, and even preachers

A Christian Minister should read the lives of Christian fathers, Protestant reformers, the puritans and the revivalists; so as to be well equipped enough to carry out the ministry work

Likewise, the biographies of eminent saints in Christian history will inspire and guide toward progressive Christian living.

Past Authors

The relevance of past Christian writers to the contemporary Christian scene, stems from a number of considerations. Firstly, the belief system that Christ and the Apostles bequeath to the world is, as Calvin describe it,’ Truth for all times.’

Christian’s writers of the past expounded it most. Secondly there were fewer heresies in the church, then than now, and very little influence of secular philosophy, at that time than at present.

So religious writers were able to pin d own the content of Christianity, which many contemporary Christian thinkers seem unable to do. Through the Christian doctrinal literature of the past, we can recover the exact Christian faith for the 21st century church.

The Bible says ‘in a multitude of counselors there is safety’. Read the best Christian books that you can find and let them guide and counsel you.

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