Christian Bestsellers: 16 Books That Will Change Your Life for Good

1. "Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone'' by Joyce Meyer

Christian Bestsellers such as this book has been written by Joyce Mayer. She is definitely a very outstanding writer of Christian Bestsellers and gifted Bible teacher.

In her book - "Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone" - she clearly explains the obstacles that confront people who try to please everyone. Many have been liberated already, through reading this book. It is a reliable guide on good inter-personal relationships.

2. ''Battlefield of the Mind '' by Joyce Meyer

This is one of the solid Christian Bestsellers by Joyce Mayer. Here, she explains the spiritual conflict that takes place in the realm of the mind.

There, in the realm of the mind, God, Satan and our flesh meet in unseen combat. God expects each believer to yield to the influence of the Holy Spirit who will enable the believer to think right thoughts that would spell spiritual disaster for the devil and the flesh.

Joyce Mayer explains that, there is a connection between thought and behaviour. Because of this facts both the devil and the Lord try to gain control over our mind. They try to do so in order to direct the believer’s thoughts in line with theirs, so that he/she will either think and act like the Lord, or think and behave like the devil.

''Battlefield of the Mind'' is one of the Christian bestsellers Joyce Meyer wrote and she uses the book to talk about one of the most important aspects of spiritual growth in the life of a Christian believer.

3. "Be Anxious for Nothing: The Art of Casting Your Cares and Resting in God'' by Joyce Meyer.

This book is one of the Christian Bestsellers in which Joyce Meyers teaches that anxiety, particularly about what the future holds, is a feature of the present age. This makes it difficult for people to have peace.

Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us the sinfulness of anxiety. Joyce expertly applies appropriate Scriptures to everyday life. She gives helpful instances from her own personal experience.

4. ''Your Best Life Now'' by Joel Osteen.

Among Christian Bestsellers, Joel Osteen's book "Your Best Life Now" is where he poured his vast store of knowledge on vital subject.

No wonder this book is one of America's bestsellers and Joel Osteen's church is one of the biggest in America.

The Lord has truly anointed Joel and in this book Joel offers down-to-earth advice, on how to fulfill God's calling for your life.

5. ''God's Generals: Why They Succeeded '' by Roberts Liadon.

In this book which ranks high as one of Christian bestsellers, Roberts Liadon that many contemporary professionals are not attaining the standard of

their predecessors, because they are not learning from their predecessors' life stories. And those who ignore history soon repeat the mistakes of the past.

Roberts Liardon lays bare the development and progress of some of the ministerial greats of former times, such as smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Kathryn Kuhlmann and Marie woodworth-Etter. Learn why they succeeded and where they failed, so you can master, while chatting the path for success.

6. ''The Holy Spirit'' by Billy Graham.

When Billy Graham writes on the Holy Spirit, you had better pay attention. Here is a man whose powerful preaching, has won over millions of converts for the Lord in virtually all continents of the world.

In this book which is one of the noted Christian bestsellers, Billy Graham tells us all we need to know about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s gifts, fruits, and how He awakens sinners to seek the Lord for Salvation are all considered in this book. The book will also show you, how to enjoy intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

7. “Maximize the Moment: God's Action Plan for Your Life'' by T.D Jakes.

Doubtless, T.D Jakes ranks amongst the greatest teachers in the body of Christ today. His special gift is his ability to motivate God’s people to become the kind of person God wants them to be. His teachings sets people ablaze for God.

Jakes satisfactorily treats the subject of how to forget your past that hurts you, and how to overcome obstacles on the way to your destiny. You will learn, how to maximize your abilities, in fulfilling the Lord's plan for your life.

8. ''Loose That Man and Let Him Go!'' by T.D Jakes.

Like his previous book, Jake here shows how to turn failure into success. This book will motivate every saint, to rise above their limitations in life, in order to actualize God's plan for their lives.

9. ''Called to be God's Leaders'' by Henry Blackaby and Richard Blackaby .

This book discloses how Joshua, successfully led the Israelites into the Promised Land from the wilderness. This book is for God's people called into new leadership positions in the church. The authors clearly explain the particular causes of Joshua's success as a leader.

10. ''The Devil's Door'' by John Bevere .

John Bevere is another outstanding Bible teacher. He reveals the consequences of staying in darkness, rather than on the Lord's side. He goes further to discuss the subject of eternal security. This book discourages licentiousness, while encouraging a Godly life.

11. ''Elijah'' by Charles Swindoll.

This is one of Charles Swindoll's Bible character expositions. The author extracts many wonderful lessons from the life of Elijah as a model for contemporary Christians.

12. ''Joseph'' by Charles Swindoll.

This book goes into the life of Joseph and teaches us the need to hold firmly to the Lord, regardless of our severe trials, with the expectation that the Lord will reward our faithfulness in His own time.

13. ''Paul'' by Charles Swindoll.

Mr. Swindoll focuses on Paul's life. Paul was the greatest missionary of all times. There is much to learn about Paul, both about him as a Christian, and as a preacher of the Gospel. Let Charles Swindoll be a guide, in your tour into the Apostle's life.

14. ''David: A Man of passion and Destiny'' by Charles Swindoll.

King David was not only ancient Israel's greatest king. He was also a good model of political leadership. Mr. Swindoll expounds how David became a man after God's own heart. Explore the life of this Hebrew king, with Mr. Swindoll.

15.''Handbook of Today's Religion'' by Josh McDowell .

Every Christian should desire information on all the false religions of the world. These include the occult, New age movements, atheism, Marxism, secular humanism, etc. This book will equip you to be forearmed against these erroneous beliefs and to withstand them.

16. ''Sparkling Gems From The Greek'' by Rick Renner .

This excellent daily devotional is from the pen of Rick Renner – a very good teacher of the Word of God. His book offers helpful explanations from New Testament Greek and enables the reader to understand the original usage of Greek words.

In this book, Rick Renner carries out thorough study of over 1000 Greek words. His teachings which span the 365 days of the year are solid and exceptional. You will grow in your relationship with the Lord as you read and study ''Sparkling Gems From The Greek'' which stands out as one of Christian bestsellers.

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