Christian Colleges in Florida

There are many Christian colleges in the U.S. but the Christian colleges in Florida are outstanding. You can find a good number of private Christian colleges which have one affiliation or the other with religious groups.

Most of these Christian colleges found in Florida offer four-year degree programs which in areas such as science, arts/humanities, health care and business to mention a few.

One unique thing about Christian colleges in Florida is that they give students a chance to strengthen their faith at the same do rigorous academic work.

They also offer students the following opportunities:

• Faith-based student groups

• Participation in athletics

• Great study abroad programs

Here is a brief review of some of the Christian colleges in Florida. We hope you find the reviews helpful.

• Barry University

Barry University is located in Gulf Shores, 7 miles north of Miami. It is a Roman Catholic university found in 1940, and has approximately 5,000 undergraduate students. All undergraduates are required to take courses in theology before graduation.

Barry University offers internships for junior and senior students with study abroad options in up to 20 countries. Some of the outstanding courses offered in Barry University include: Nursing (popular among students), Chemistry, Biology, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, etc.

• Clearwater Christian College

Found in 1966, Clearwater Christian College is a non-denominational college, with about 600 students. It is located in Clearwater, Florida on Tampa Bay.

The college awards Bachelor’s degrees in Business, Communications, English, Music, Accounting, Mathematics, Education, PreMedicine, Biblical and Religious Studies, Psychology, Pastoring and History.

The college also offers internships in Business, Education and Psychology. It is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award Associate of Arts, Associate of science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees.

Students at Clearwater Christian College are encouraged to participate in certain activities. For example, they re encouraged to lead a music team during worship or participate in missions work. Students are also known to have been engaged in volunteer work involving Christian organizations and charities.

Clearwater Christian College is home to approximately 8 student organizations and 6 intercollegiate sports teams.

• Palm Beach Atlantic University

This college was established in 1968 and is located at West Palm Beach. Palm Beach Atlantic University is a non-denominational Christian university having over 2,400 undergraduate students.

Some of the outstanding academic programs in this college include Psychology, Business and Education, though the college grants degrees in Religion, Music and Biblical Studies. Other areas of study include: the Arts, Physical Sciences, Exercise Science, etc.

The university participates in study abroad programs through the Coalition of Christian Colleges. It is also home to 11 intercollegiate and 17 intramural sports teams.

Students can join any of the college's over 75 student groups, including religious and other organizations.

• Florida Christian College

Florida Christian College (FCC) is an accredited Christian College which offers four degrees – Associate of Arts (2 years), Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (4 years), and Bachelor of Theology (5 years).

FCC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

FCC operates and grants degrees under a license granted by means of accreditation by the Commission for Independent Education with the Florida Board of Education.

• Edwards Waters College

Edwards Waters is the oldest private university in Florida. It was established by the African Methodist Episcopal denomination in 1866 and is a historically black university.

Edwards Waters is home to over 1,300 undergraduate students. The college grants degrees in Communications, Computer Science, Government, Mathematics, Criminal Justice, Sociology, etc.

Edwards Waters College also offers work study and co-operative programs.

• Florida College

Florida College is located in Temple Terrace, Florida, eight miles northeast of Tampa, Florida. It was established in 1946. It is a small accredited, coeducational Christian college, offering Bachelor degrees in Biblical Studies, Liberal Studies, Music, Business, Elementary Education, etc.

Daily chapel services are organized in Florida College and students are required to receive daily classes in Biblical topics.

Of course, the above are only few of the Christian colleges in Florida. We suggest that you run a search with search engines for more Christian Colleges in Florida.

Also, check each college out thoroughly to ensure that they suit your specific needs. You could visit their websites and especially their offline campuses to get a feel of how each college is. Be sure to consider other issues such as accreditation, as you choose which Christian College in Florida you want to attend.

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