It was long overdue!

by Okereke

As an amateur linguist and a servant of God, I have taken particular interest in Nigerian Pidgin Language. Given the degree to which it serves as a medium of communication in Nigeria and among Diaspora Nigerians, I have always wondered WHY there has been no effort to translate the Bible into Pidgin. Afterall, our counterparts in Cameroon and Sierra Leone already have translations in their respective Pidgin and Creole.

Even the Jamaicans finally woke up to the fact that they NEED to have a Bible in their "Pidgin Language" (actually a Creole). Another case in point is the Gullah (a Creole with some similarity to NPL) speakers in South Carolina who have a New Testament of their own. So therefore, a Nigerian Pidgin English Bible, I believe, is more than due.

Why do Nigerians want to continue to live in denial of obvious facts? Nigerian Pidgin Language is a part and parcel of our day to day life, our history and our heritage. In fact for some, it can be seen as their only "native" language. IT MUST THEREFORE HAVE A BIBLE TRANSLATION TOO. Afterall, the Gospel MUST be preached to ALL nations, tribes and tongues before the end.

All language has developed over time. At one time, the very English language which some Nigerians 'worship' was seen as the language of the 'low-class'.

I would therefore like to congratulate you on the effort, time and dedication that you have put into the translation of the Nigerian Pidgin Language.


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