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Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI)is a unique ministry which God is using to show love and mercy to His people all over the world.

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He is using the ministry to reach out and save lost souls who are held captive by Satan.

He does this by richly empowering and blessing His people so that they will be a blessing to others.

The greatest gift God gave to humanity is Jesus Christ. He is God’s Son and He works closely with the MCMI to actualize God’s plan and purpose for the ministry.

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Mercy Christian Ministry International works with Jesus Christ.

The ministry works with Him by using this website to carry out God’s purpose of generating and distributing spiritual and material blessings to His people all over the world.

Mercy Christian Ministry also partners with Christians in various parts of the world to make sure that the abundant blessings of God are evenly distributed to God's people and the rest of humanity. So…

We welcome you to this Christian website. We want you to enjoy the abundant spiritual and material blessings of Almighty God.

We want you to join us as we work closely with our Lord Jesus Christ to ensure that God’s blessings reach His people in various parts of the world.

Some Topics You'll Find on This Website

• Vision/Mission – Understand the vision behind Mercy Christian Ministry and her mission.

• How We Started - Here’s our story so that you can know how we started, what we’ve done, and where we’re headed.

• Nigerian Pidgin Language Bible Project – Learn about and Read the Bible in Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL).

• Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer – You think you know about Nigerian Pidgin Language? You think you can speak NPL?

Let’s take you a step further. Learn how to READ and WRITE in Nigerian Pidgin Language. Check out the Nigerian Pidgin Language Primer.

• Bible translations

• Christian Books that will add value to your Christian life.

• Christian Colleges – Good Christian colleges to enroll into.

• Christian Dating – Doing it the godly way.

• Christian music

• Christian women - Information that would help Christian women.

• Christian finance – some godly ways of making money and handling many areas of your finances.

Clicking on any of the links below will take you to a page where we have placed important information concerning the above topics and more.

Study the information you will find on that page and use the information to enrich your life positively.

We shall continue to research and bring you more life changing information so that God’s spiritual and material blessings will continue to flow incessantly to you and to His other children.

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