Nigerian Pidgin Language New Testament

Naijiria Pijin Lanwej Niu Tẹstamẹnt


Nigerian Pidgin Language New Testament

Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL) New Testament is the translation of the New Testament Bible into Nigerian    Pidgin Language.

NPL is a popular Nigerian language    spoken by over 70 million people in    Nigeria.

The Lord commissioned Apostle Roy Okonkwo who is the founder and president of our ministry to make sure that the Bible is translated into this important language.

He has translated the first draft of the entire Bible into Nigerian Pidgin.

The ministry has polished the New Testament using the standardized Nigerian Pidgin orthography.

Standardized Nigerian Pidgin orthography is how to write Nigerian Pidgin alphabet and words.

The NPL New Testament is ready for publication and distribution to those who need it.

Click below, on any chapter of the book you want to read and you will start to read the New Testament in Nigerian Pidgin Language.

Important: If you have not studied the Nigerian Pidgin Language Alphabet and orthography, please click here to do so.

It is important you do so before starting to read Nigerian Pidgin Language New Testament. This will help you read the NPL New Testament and understand its content very well.

Naijiria Pijin Lanwej

Naijiria Pijin Lanwej Niu Tẹstamẹnt

Naijiria Pidgin Lanwej (NPL) Niu Tẹstamẹnt na di rait wee dẹm rait Niu Tẹstamẹnt Baibul fọ Naijiria Pijin.

NPL na pọpula lanwej fọ Naijiria an pipul wee de spik am fọ Naijiria pas 75 miliọn.

Gọd tẹl Spẹshal Mẹsẹnja Rọi Okonkwọ (Roy Okonkwo) mek im dee shọ see im rait di Baibul fọ dis impọtant lanwej.

Spẹshal Mẹsẹnja Rọi Okonkwọ na di prẹsidẹnt an di pẹsin wee stat awa ministri wee bi Mẹsi Kristian Ministri Intanashọnal (Mercy Christian Ministry International).

Spẹshal Mẹsẹnja Rọi Okonkwọ dọn rait di hol Baibul fọ Naijiria Pijin. Im fẹst ọf ọl rait am fọ rọf wee.

Afta im rait di Baibul fọ rọf wee, awa ministry kọm mek di Niu Tẹstamẹnt pat mek i dee fain wẹl wẹl.

Di wee wee ẹspat-dẹm tọk see na im bi di kọrẹkt wee fọ tek rait Naijiria Pijin ee-bii-sii-di an im wọd-dẹm, na dat wee wi tek mek di Niu Tẹstamẹnt to dee fain wẹl wẹl. 

NPL Niu Tẹstamẹnt dọn dee rẹdi mek dẹm print am an giv am pipul wee nid am.

Wi dọn put NPL Niu Tẹstamẹnt im book-dẹm hia fọ yu to rid am.

Mek yu prẹs eni chapta fọ di buk wee yu want rid an yu go stat to de rid Niu Tẹstamẹnt fọ Naijiri Pijin Lanwej.

Impọtant tọk: If yu nẹva lẹn Naijiria Pijin Lanwej Ee-bii-sii-di an hau to spẹl an rait Naijiria Pijin wọd-dẹm, abẹg mek yu prẹs hia to du am.

I dee impọtant mek yu du am bifọ yu stat to de rid Naijiria Pijin Lanwej Niu Tẹstamẹnt. Dis go hẹlp yu rid NPL Niu Tẹstamẹnt an ọndastan wetin dee insaid fain-fain.

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