Vision/Mission of Mercy Christian Ministry


Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI) came into existence in 1989 when the President of the Ministry, Apostle Roy Okonkwo received a divine call in Kano, a city in the Northern part of Nigeria.

God called him using the following words which have come to represent the mission and vision of MCMI:

"I have made you a spiritual and material power house where I will generate

my spiritual and material blessings and distribute to my

people all over the world"


MCMI is therefore committed to making a unique impact in the lives of Christians all over the world through her two major arms: Spiritual Blessings Division and MCMI CARE Division.

The Spiritual Blessings Division carries out these activities:

• Translation of the Holy Bible into Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL)and other languages.

• Writing/translating and producing Christian and other educational literature into Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL)and other languages.

• Distribution of Christian and other educational literature.

• Planting Churches.

• Using mother tongue languages, including NPL, as primary media of communication during evangelism.

The MCMI CARE Division carries out these activities:

• Giving food to the hungry.

• Giving drink to the thirsty.

• Giving clothes to the naked.

• Providing housing for the homeless.

• Helping the sick.

• Visiting and helping prisoners.

• Helping orphans and widows.

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