Vision/Mission of Mercy Christian Ministry


Mercy Christian Ministry International (MCMI) came into existence in 1989 when the President of the Ministry, Apostle Roy Okonkwo received a divine call in Kano, a city in northern part of Nigeria.

God called him using the following words which have come to represent the mission and vision of MCMI:

"I have made you a Spiritual and Material Powerhouse where I will generate

My Spiritual and Material Blessings and distribute them to My people all over the world.

At any point in time there is need for anything, I will supply the need.

If you continue to do what I tell you, I will continue to look after you."


MCMI is therefore committed to making a unique impact in the lives of Christians all over the world through her two major arms:

1. Spiritual Blessings Division


2. Material Blessings Division called "Bridge of Hope and Grace" (BOHAG). Pastor Daphne Okonkwo (Apostle Roy's wife) presides over this division.

The Spiritual Blessings Division carries out these activities:

• Translation of the Holy Bible into Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL)and other languages.

• Writing/translating and producing Christian and other educational literature into Nigerian Pidgin Language (NPL)and other languages.

• Distribution of Christian and other educational literature.

• Planting Churches.

• Using mother tongue languages, including NPL, as primary media of communication during evangelism.

Bridge of Hope and Grace carries out these activities:

• Giving food to the hungry.

• Giving drink to the thirsty.

• Giving clothes to the naked.

• Providing housing for the homeless.

• Helping the sick.

• Visiting and helping prisoners.

• Helping orphans and widows.

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